Marina di Ginosa The city of Marina di Ginosa is characterized by a low and sandy coast and by clear waters, thanks to which it has received the blue flag for 12 consecutive years. Marina di Ginosa is the summer destination of many tourists.

Lago Salinella The lake Salinella is very naturalistically important, in fact it is defined as one “small gem” and it is recommended by the Italian Botanical Society as a “Bio-type which deserves conservation.”

Torre Mattoni Historically important is instead Torre Mattoni, which is situated at 3 Km from the inhabited center, near the lake Salinella, hidden by a thick vegetation at a few meters from the sea.

Ginosa At 20 Km from Marina di Ginosa there is the city of Ginosa where you can admire a spectacular landscape typical of the area called the “Murgia”, that is a great rocky highland extended throughout almost all the Apulian territory and it is principally composed of calcareous rocks and the so called “Gravina”.

Metaponto Metaponto is a city situated at less than 5 km from the city of Marina di Ginosa, along the Lucan-Ionian coast. It rises in the lowland of Metaponto, between the rivers Bradano and Basento. It was founded by the Greek settlers of Acaia in the second half of the VII century B.C. and it became one of the most important cities of the Magna Graecia.

Taranto The city of Taranto was founded in 706 B.C. and it has very ancient origins. It was one of the most important cities of the Magna Graecia and it is extended on the gulf of Taranto in the Ionian sea, between the Great and the Small sea.

Translated by Claudia Genchi


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